Computer science has become a more integral part of everyday life as technology advances. Because of its importance, Orbit has developed a computer science program that uses the programming to teach students. We always focus for the computer science education benefited students in ways other than simply gaining knowledge of computer programming.

Today, the use of computers is not restricted to only office desktops or laptops we see the use of computers all around us; be it microwave ovens, car engines, video games, telephones, watches, computers are being used in most of the appliances or gazettes that we use in our day to day living thereby making it the most important part of our lives. Education system is not an exception to the same. Over the past few years the growth of the computer industry has been quiet remarkable and today it is the fastest growing industry in our economy.

The use of computers and technology in education has changed the learning process of the people in several ways and helped them to enhance their education process in a very short period of time. Moreover Internet has changed the way people work by giving them an access to various information on any subject be it any product, research or any other technical information. Thus through the use of computers schools, colleges and universities are making scientific, creative, and engineering advances to produce well qualified and highly skilled professionals.

Let’s go back to the 70’s; during those times did we think that the computer industry would be a part of our day to day lives one day? Today, be it banking, ticketing, messaging, day to day accounting or any other work, we use computers practically for every activity of our lives. As computers have become an integral part of our lives today it is necessary to know more about it. This is where need for computer education comes in. In order to take the advantage of this marvelous technology a proper computer Education is a must. Today there is a high demand for computer literates as most companies hire people who have a good knowledge in computers. That is not all if you calculate the amount of time you interact with your computer on a daily basis, you will perhaps be surprised to know that apart from your current job you happen to use computers most of the time. Orbit works in the positive directions for the student’s bright future with a chain of computer education Branches.

Computers have made our lives simple and very convenient by offering our needs at a click of a mouse through online shopping thereby saving a significant amount of our time to go to the local market and buy them. Think over once again as it’s your future and this is the right time to act on it.


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